Voiceover Artist & Singer

chaotic creativity at its finest

Audio-Technica AT875r Shotgun Microphone

Focusrite Scarlet Solo 3rd Generation interface

Booth TreatmentDAW(s)Connectivity
Acoustic foam panelingAdobe Audition (VO) & Melodyne 5 (Vocal tuning for singing)Discord, SourceConnect, Zoom, & more if needed


D’Arcy Smith & Kirsty Gillmore
Introduction to Efforts, Impacts, & Screams Workshop: 2023
Zackary Hendrix
Online Voiceover and Demo Production Coaching: 2022
Timothy Banfield
Online Voiceover Coaching: 2021
Southern New Hampshire University
- Intro to acting & theater course in 2017 - 2018
- Drama club activities including shadow cast performances in 2018
- Choir and vocal lessons from 2015 to 2019


I've worked with Lindsey on a few indie animations and she's always delivered with very committed results. Just working with her really makes you feel her passion and dedication to bringing any character she voices to life. — Scott WurzbachLindsey is a talented voice actress who I can always count on her to put in the effort, time, and emotion into any performance. — Syndromedia
Having worked with Lindsey several time, she is and will always be on my list of talent to both keep an eye on as well as message when ever I need a fun and sometimes delightfully insane character brought to life. — Timothy BanfieldIf you are looking to bring life to a character that will give your audience goosebumps of terror, or an all around powerful emotional impact, few I could recommend for a first choice to contact as highly as Lindsey! — Brian Franco
Talented, courteous, and a joy to work with. Lindz is someone that anybody would be blessed to have in their project. — G-ScottyLindsey is an excellent voice actor to work with! And her prices are extremely reasonable for the quality work she produces. Lindz is a great voice actor that I would recommend to anyone trying to find a voice for one of their characters. — Imakoto
Lindz is both an amazing voice actress and sound engineer! I've worked with her on several projects and have been extremely satisfied with her work! — Alex Lyons 

Every dream starts with a spark, and my spark came to life with child me’s favorite pastime, watching cartoons and playing with dolls! Cliche, I know, but it’s the truth! Through most of my childhood, I was unconsciously studying what I heard in cartoons and anime, and creating new scenarios when playing with my favorite toys afterwards. Sometimes if I had no toys I’d just talk out scenes I thought of out loud. I was a crazy kid, and that definitely carried over into my work now.Over the years my career path went in a few different directions, wanting to become an author or filmmaker. After obtaining my bachelor's degree in creative writing, I came to the realization that that wasn’t the right path. I loved creating stories, and still do, but writing books or films didn’t allow me to fully express that chaotic energy I love so much. I then discovered the real stars behind my favorite cartoons growing up; voice actors. I began auditioning for projects, taking extra college courses, and ultimately, awakening my true self!My spark ignited!! Not just writing characters, nor filming characters, but BEING the characters! Being able to let go of all my stress in a fun and interactive way! Laughing, crying, screaming, all like the crazy kid I am deep down. I realized the amount of love I hold towards these characters. Not only that, but it's even given me the inspiration to bring my own ideas and characters to life! Learning audio engineering and music composition around the same time gave me great skills that can be intertwined to bring so many ideas to life! I could even give life to yours!